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Bright & Firm Eye Treatment



MEG21 Bright and Firm Eye Treatment is infused with Supplamine® to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, for all skin types.

We have combined Supplamine® with three scientifically proven botanical extracts that will brighten the skin, firm and strengthen the fragile eye area, decrease puffiness and dark circles, while improving overall appearance!

These botanical extracts — Pfaffia sp (Pfaffia), Ptychopetalum olacoides (Marapuama), and Lilium candidum (White lily) — provide the following added benefits:

  • Gradual reduction in the appearance of fat deposits under eyes.
  • Reduction of the appearance of dark circles via reduction of pigment depot in the area and help increase of periorbital luminosity and decrease of the blue tone of the dark circles.
  • The advanced formula also contains titanium dioxide to help reflect excessive UV light that causes damage to the eye area.

MEG21 Bright and Firm Eye Treatment (0.5 oz) is presented in a special “twist and pump” airless pump to protect the organic ingredients and to provide controlled dispensing of product. This is one of our most popular products.